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Being human is a gift, but along with the joy can come sorrow. All across our lives we can encounter great difficulties. I believe that we all are born with all we need to lead a wonderful and fulfilling life. The sun becomes obscured by clouds, but we know instinctively that it is there. They may be a long stretch of dark and gloomy weather, but we know it will pass. We get disconnected from the sun that is at the center of our being. It feels like we will never regain that light. I know from my own experiences that counseling can be that bridge back to wellness. Nothing gives me more joy than helping others through their personal struggles.

Everyone is in recovery from something. It is not just addiction to substances that need a path of recovery. Our lives are filled with challenges from our earliest memories to today. Grief, trauma, relationships, parenting, finances, and much more can knock us off balance. I specialize in working with persons who have addiction issues, but many of the principles used in traditional and holistic approaches to recovery can be applied to any issue. Buddhism says that life is difficult mainly because we want things to be different then they are. Learning to be ok with the way things are is the most difficult task we face. It is not an easy path. It certainly is not one that we can tackle on our own. My goal is to develop a caring and compassionate relationship with you. We will partner to find the best way to bring them together and reconnect you with the sunshine at the center of your being.


Specialities include:

Addiction Recovery and Support

Dual Diagnosis

Mood Disorders